Kim, Jinyoung


A Cave in Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a small volcanic island in the South Sea of Korea. The small caves found all around the island, both natural and made by residents, were occupied as places of refuge from war and military oppression in the late 1940s. While on a trip to the island in 2015, I encountered this particular cave in the middle of a hiking trail, and I was taken off guard by its force and aura.

  • 2015
81.28 x 101.6 cm |



Jinyoung Kim is a visual artist who produces works in photography and video. Her works explore sense of belonging, personal and collective memories, and sense of self by visually translating and creating connections to places and objects that resonate with autobiographical and historical significance. She is currently interested in documenting disappearing places and their transitory states in urban environments. She has recently had shows at Optica, the Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Gallery 101, and the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery. Her works were featured in the Papier art fair and Art Basel in 2018 and are in the Ville de Montréal art collection and the Hydro-Québec collection.