Bid at auction

To bid on a work:

All of the artworks will be sold online on the website of our partner, BYDealers, from November 10 (at 7 p.m.) to November 20 (at 7 p.m.), 2022. An exhibition bringing together the 35 works will also be presented simultaneously at Projet Casa (4351 avenue de l'Esplanade, Montréal - opening hours). To bid online, you must create an account at and register for the auction in order to receive a digital participation number.

Please note that the system adds a ten-minute extension on each lot for which a bid is received during the last ten minutes of a sale. An extra ten-minute extension is then added for each bid received. You can also download the free BYDealers application to place bids using a mobile device. The BYDealers application offers you the opportunity to make automatic bids.

Bidding by buy order:

If it is impossible for you to use the BYDealers platform, Les éditions Esse may execute a buy order in your name. Les éditions Esse will bid for you with the goal of purchasing the lot at the lowest price, given the other bids and the reserve price, up to the maximum amount indicated in your buy order. You can fill out the buy order form on the website

Please carefully read the conditions of sale.

Paying by installemnts:

This year Les éditions Esse offers the possibilité of paying by installments. Contact us to discuss terms and conditions.