Nicol, Ken

Ken Nicol


Little Clusterfuck—quarters

“i get angry . . . a lot, but it’s rarely a big loud ‘FUCK’ kind of angry, but more of a quiet little ‘fuck fuck fuck fuck . . .’ over and over again kind of angry.”

Alongside Ken Nicol’s “Inappropriate” Grids series, inspired by George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” the Clusterfuck series is the result of Nicol’s meticulous and repetitive handwriting, resulting in beautiful grid-like formations.

Ink on paper,
  • 2015
23 x 23 cm


900 $

Ken Nicol’s practice is based in obsessive, often mundane acts of collecting, sculpting, mark-making—and mark-erasing—taking place over countless hours. Turning everyday objects into artworks, his pursuits have included writing out numbers, lines, and four-letter words thousands of times and counting every grain of salt in a packet.

Nicol is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist who studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto. His work has been shown in Miami, Chicago, New York, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Nicol exhibited at the McMaster Museum of Art in Hamilton in 2013 and was part of the exhibition One, and Two, and More than Two, at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, in 2013.