A Word from the Director 2016

Sylvette Babin

It is always a huge pleasure for esse to present a new edition of Vendu–Sold, the culmination of months of preparation. From selecting artists and artworks to planning auction day, our enthusiasm and excitement are unflagging. Each year, too, we are amazed to discover the new artworks offered by our generous artists, our most faithful patrons. In concert with a peer committee, we form a small, ephemeral collection that is assembled and exhibited for one evening, and then departs, artwork by artwork, in the hands of collectors who are as passionate about art as we are. We are always extremely proud to contribute to the promotion of artists and the blossoming of collections.

It goes without saying that this fundraising campaign enables Éditions esse to maintain the quality of its dissemination activities. The great digital upheaval that is affecting the print media is not sparing cultural magazines, and in a world overflowing with information, we must redouble our efforts to distinguish ourselves. For a number of years, publishing in both official languages has ensured our international presence, but it remains an extremely costly challenge. Our next objectives in pursuit of our mandate are therefore to preserve our bilingualism and to consolidate our presence in the digital world. These objectives will be reached only with the valued participation of the artists, readers, and collectors who support us. And so, to the enthusiasm that I mentioned above is added our immense gratitude toward those who believe in our project.

For this eighth edition of Vendu–Sold, I invite collectors to support the passion and commitment of the artists and cultural workers involved with Éditions esse.

Sylvette Babin, director, Les éditions esse

Photo : © Jean-François Brière