Heravi, Saba

Saba Heravi, I am your homeland, 2019

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I am your homeland

Cette œuvre, I am your homeland, montre une femme allongée sur le sol, au repos, en train de reprendre son souffle. Sur sa robe, dans un champ où poussent quelques arbres, on voit une rivière et des tentes. La robe évoque une carte ; les tentes, des points indiquant son parcours et ses migrations. Elle s’est muée en ces terres qu’elle a traversées, et elle est devenue elle-même son propre foyer.

Porcelaine, glaçure transparente et divers colorants,
  • 2019
28 x 42 cm

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950 $

Saba Heravi was born in Iran in 1989 and moved to Canada in 2012. She has a BFA from Concordia University (2019). Her practice is concentrated on drawing, ceramics, and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited in Montreal.

Heravi’s work explores the concepts of home, memory, and identity, and is ultimately an investigation of self. Investigating the complexities of womanhood and the impossible definition of femininity, she creates a universe made up of fantastical stories and folktales inhabited by women. Delving into her prodigious unconscious memory, she alters specific passages of her life and clings to others—a delicate play on memories of adolescence.