Monkman, Kent

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The Scream

La gravure de Kent Monkman intitulée The Scream est tirée d’une œuvre du même titre, une grande peinture de 1,88 x 3,20 m que l’on peut voir en ce moment dans l’exposition Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience, en tournée nationale.

Eau-forte sur papier sans acide,
  • 2017
29,21 x 39,37 cm |
Édition de 100 + 5 E.A.

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850 $

Kent Monkman is a Canadian artist of Cree ancestry who is well known for his provocative reinterpretations of romantic North American landscapes. He explores the themes of colonization, sexuality, loss, and resilience – the complexities of historical and contemporary Native American experience – in a variety of media, including painting, film/video, performance, and installation.

His work is represented in numerous public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), the Denver Art Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Museum London, the Glenbow Museum (Calgary), the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada, the MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), the National Museum of the American Indian | Smithsonian Institution, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.