Simcom (she is beauty)

Mixed Media, 2006

51 x 127 cm
$3 300
This is an expanded abstract painting ­language that articulates ideas from the ­everyday; ­beauty, arrangement and ­control. Often dramatic and finessed my work ­demonstrate sites of the real, often trivialized, feminized, in short, ideas women are typically left reflecting on and assigning with content that relate back to minimalism proper. They are meditations, poetry, and ­contemplations of legacy, my daughter and God. I have a ­fixation about economy and ­exhausting ­potential of language in simple forms. This is the exercise.
Biographical note
Jeanie Riddle lives and works in Montreal. She holds an MFA from Concordia University (2005). Trained in painting, Riddle has been developing a sculptural installation practice rooted in the techniques and ideals of modernist painting since 2002. Her installation work has been presented across Canada at The New Gallery 15+ project (Calgary), Optica (Montreal), YYZ (Toronto), Circa (Montreal), Illingworth Kerr Gallery (Calgary) and her collaborative work includes exhibitions at Centre des arts actuels SKOL (Montreal) and Alley Jaunt (Toronto). Riddle was the recipient of a full fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center in 2005 and a finalist of the 2008 Royal Bank of Canada’s Canadian Painting competition. Represented by Winsor Gallery, Vancouver.