Untitled (John Baldessari, 1972/71)

Photocopies and liquid paper, ongoing since 2002

81,3 x 101,6 cm
Ed. of 10 sheets removed from the sculptural work which contains approximately 500 photocopies
$1 000
This work uses as its raw material a piece by John Baldessari, I will not make any more boring art (1972). The “original” is a lithograph in which the artist writes out one sentence, the title of this work, over and over in the form of lines that a student might be given as punishment or a rule you are not aware of and must learn. In my work, I scanned, printed, and photocopied his work, and with the use of liquid paper, I traced out and covered over in each line of the sentence the word “boring.” The text now reads: “I will not make any more… art.” To date I have completed approximately 500 copies.
Biographical note
Thérèse Mastroiacovo is a visual artist. Her practice has embraced a variety of mediums including video, sound, installation, photography, sculpture, drawing, and performance. She teaches in the Studio Art Department at Concordia University. She is presently on the boards of Optica, a centre for contemporary art, and Kore, an ensemble for experimental and contemporary music. She has exhibited her work locally and abroad. Recently she has shown at Mercer Union (Toronto), Leonard & Ellen Bina Gallery (Montreal), Musée régional de Rimouski (Rimouski), and has upcoming solo exhibitions at Blackwood Gallery (Toronto), White Box (Portland, Oregon), and Centre Clark (Montreal).