Parking Lot, Imperial Oil Complex in the Background

C-print, 2013

102 x 127 cm
Edition of 3
$2 900
Made in Southwest Ontario, Parking Lot, Imperial Oil Complex in the Background is part of a larger series of photographs and videos exploring the complex relationship between the oil industry and the communities that it rubs up against. Lambton County is the birthplace of Canadian petroleum extraction, and Chemical Valley is the largest petrochemical processing facility in the country. As the industry relocates for environmental and economic reasons, what is left behind is the prospect of industrial regeneration and renewal.
Biographical note
Andreas Rutkauskas focuses his work on landscapes that have been affected by technology. This may refer to the physical alteration of a landscape or the psychological effects of such changes. Although he relies principally on photography, he incorporates other media, such as video, into his research in order to provide a more holistic perspective. Rutkauskas has had works in national and international exhibitions, including The Edge of the Earth: Climate Change in Photography and Video, Ryerson Image Centre (Toronto, 2016); fieldwork, OSLO 8 Contemporary Photography (Basel, 2015); and Encounters at the Edge of the Forest, Gallery 400 (Chicago, 2014).