Oil and pencil on wood panel, 2017

96,52 x 127 cm
$1 950
Prostitute 4 presents the feminine experience. Phenix investigates how three aspects of human life—friendship, romantic involvement, and trauma—partake in the establishment of the female subject’s identity. This symbolic scene has the emotional potential to facilitate a connection with spectators and to connect spectators to each other. To approach a collective identity, it fosters dialogue and creates empathy for foreign experiences.
Biographical note
Cindy Phenix, originally from Montreal, is currently based in Chicago, where she is studying for her MFA in art theory and practice at Northwestern University. She received a BFA with distinction from Concordia University. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago) and Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver). In 2015, she was listed as one of the top 15 emerging artists in RBC‘s prestigious Canadian Painting Competition. Phenix’s practice is inspired by social issues in conjunction with the individual’s place in society, inequality, and power relations. Through her research, she analyzes the impact of the other’s gaze at the construction of personal identity. She is interested in the behaviour of individuals in the public sphere, which appears to her as a dynamic territory of tensions among stimuli, freedom, and pleasure, as well as trauma, solitude, and alienation.