Copperplate etching, 2022

26 x 31 cm (x 2)
Ed. variable de 12
$1 450
Beams was created during Hyckie’s 2022 residency at Smokestack, a print studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Working with Smokestack’s master printer, Hyckie experimented with shifting the tonal and chromatic nature of her imagery through intaglio printmaking. The forms that Hyckie depicts are representations of her childhood home, identical to houses built across Canada in the 1940s for veterans and their families. Through iterative manifestations, Hyckie abstracts and articulates a sense of disorientation that evokes complex social histories, at once sympathetic toward the utopian idealism that these structures embody and critical of the colonial approach to nation-building that they represent.
Biographical note
Meaghan Hyckie (b. 1983) channels the sentiments and anxieties evoked by simple iconography into visually and emotionally complex images. Using drafting techniques and grid systems as armature, Hyckie mixes unusual colour combinations with subtle tonal variations to create delicately tactile, optically vibrating prints and drawings that shift from appealing to unsettling. Form and space deteriorate into patterns, shapes, and lines, abstracting and articulating the boundaries between inside and outside. Hyckie has exhibited with Macaulay and Co. Fine Art, Vancouver; Galerie Nicolas Robert, Montreal; Museum London; the Art Gallery of Windsor; and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. She has received numerous grants in support of her work from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Her prints and drawings are held in the collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Museum London, BMO, and RBC, among others. Hyckie lives and works in Toronto.