Photo of Danielle Lysaught and Paul Hamelin

Danielle Lysaught and Paul Hamelin

Our love of contemporary visual art has developed gradually over the last 10 years. We became aware that, complementary to our involvement with the field, there are people who specialize in the theory and history of art who cast an essential critical eye on the field. These authors make a decisive contribution to enhancing reflection on diverse practices, and their analyses bring to light a constantly evolving artistic ecosystem. For us, the magazine Esse has become an important means of finding out the latest on the art that is being made both in Canada and internationally.

We have already taken part in several editions of the Vendu– Sold auction benefiting Esse, and we are thrilled to take on a partnership role by hosting the auction exhibition in our space at Projet Casa. When Esse’s editors approached us about this event, we accepted right away. It was easy to take the next step, acting as honorary presidents, so that we can proudly acknowledge our recognition of this unique magazine that stands out for being fully bilingual and having a stimulating thematic approach to current and original subjects.

We extend a warm invitation to visit the exhibition to familiarize yourselves with the works selected this year, and to fall under the spell of (at least) a few of them. We hope to see many of you at the planned activities. We also wish you all the excitement of placing bids – even in an online auction! You can have the wonderful experience of brigning home the work that you covet – or the disappointment of seeing it fall into someone else’s hands, knowing that your desires are simply put off ... until next year!

Biographical note

Danielle Lysaught and Paul Hamelin both come from the information technologies sector. Paul has made his career at GIRO, a Quebec company specializing in schedule-optimization software for public transit and postal delivery. He has been chair of the company’s board of directors since 2017. Danielle has been a teacher, author, and developer in a number of businesses and organizations throughout Québec.

For more than 10 years, Danielle and Paul have given free rein to their passion for contemporary visual art by becoming collectors and patrons, mainly for emerging artists working in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

In 2019, they acquired the former boutique hotel the Casa Bianca on Avenue de L’Esplanade in Montreal and decided to devote the rooms on the ground floor to hosting exhibitions and events under the identity of Projet Casa. The main objective is to present innovative artistic and curatorial practices as a complement to the activities of commercial galleries and artist-run centres.

Since its first exhibition, in July 2019, Projet Casa has presented 20 exhibitions involving 85 artists and drawing more than 6,000 visitors.