Second Empire (Borders-Frontières)

Digital print, 2007

120 x 120 cm
$3 000
Frontières is part of my ‘Second Empire’ ­series, ­begun in 2006, in which I use a camera or ­scanner to compose with money, ­whether coins or bills, and construct images like ­modernist, abstract, or formalist paintings. Frontières ­references landscape, the notion of horizon—of both territorial and societal ­division.
Biographical note
Self-taught, Mathieu Beauséjour has been presenting his installations, interventions and images since the mid-90s. His works have been shown in Canada and in Europe in artist-run centres, public and private galleries, biennales and museums. They are part of the collection of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and the Archives nationales du Québec, and are in many private collections. Beauséjour’s work proceeds from a perspective of resistance, détournement or “semiotic terrorism.” Through these tactics he subverts the tools and concepts of power, alienation and oppression. His production casts both an ironic and nostalgic gaze on political and artistic avant-gardes and deploys cultural emblems such as money, hymns and manifestoes with the aim of examining our current condition. His work is contextual and site-specific, be it a gallery, an intervention site, a page or an action. Represented by Centre Clark, Montréal and Éponyme, Bordeaux