Iron oxide on paper, 2011

63,5 x 94 cm
$2 800
This drawing belongs to the Marines series begun in 2010. It is through the effects of natural phenomena and minimal interference that a landscape spontaneously appears, revealing the coast in the grip of the elements. Here acid and alkaline battle on paper, to create a portrayal of nature embracing clouds, showers, mountains, seas, and skies.
Biographical note
Born in Montreal in 1975, Patrick Coutu lives and works in the city of his birth. Centred principally around drawing and sculpture, Coutu’s work explores the concrete through pieces revealing the process with which they are created. The motifs of his drawings define themselves and are transformed spontaneously through rotational movements and the resulting flow of paint, which in a sense mimic the processes of natural growth. Even though they were created from a fixed schema, some of his drawings feature floral motifs. As for his sculptures, they evolve from existing forms where plant-like shoots take root. Subjected to both natural and human constraints, the geography of their forms seems to develop by itself.