Mount Royal

Ink on paper, 2015

146 x 191,75 cm
$4 800
Mount Royal presents an unlikely ecological vision inspired by the fauna with which we share the river island of Montreal. As one of thirteen works from the series A Peaceable Kingdom presented at Pierre-François Ouellete Art Contemporain (Montreal, 2015), this ink drawing depicts animals that can be observed in a range of spaces on the island, such as alleys, apartments, fields and open spaces, bodies of water, parks, pet stores, and the Biodome and EcoMuseum. The red-tailed hawk, cotton-top tamarin, grey squirrel, peregrin falcon, golden-lion tamarin, and turkey vulture presented here are recontextualized outside of their typical environments, offering a meditation on the state of the natural world today. 
Biographical note
Ripley Whiteside’s drawings and paintings explore the state of natural history today by investigating how we insinuate ourselves into nature and how we insist on our separateness from it.  Born in North Carolina in 1982, Whiteside graduated with a BFA from UNC-CH in 2008 and earned an MFA from SUNY-Buffalo in 2012. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in the USA and Canada, and has been the recipient of various grants and residencies. His work can be found in numerous private collections. He lives and works in Montreal.