Untitled (bondage-chartreuse)

Oil on canvas, 2016

35,5 x 28 cm
$4 700
Untitled (bondage-chartreuse) is from a series of paintings in which the artist built deep grooves in the surface of the canvas with thick gesso before adding colour to form the imagery. Each painting begins without a planned image or sketch. The lines or crevasses in the ground are the first element to be added and act as a creative constraint in Guérin’s process, a compositional element to work with and react against as the painting develops.
Biographical note
Magalie Guérin is a Montreal-born artist living in Chicago. She constructs the surfaces of her paintings with thick layers of gesso, creating abstract shapes that are then reorganized with oil colour in an intuitive manner clearly influenced by figurative and narrative strategies. The final images are very distinct from one another; the forms are unrecognizable yet feel familiar, and the history of their construction is visible through the paint layers. Guérin received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2011. She has had solo exhibitions at Anat Ebgi (Los Angeles), soon.tw (Montreal), Sector 2337 (Chicago), Lyles & King (New York), and Corbett vs. Dempsey (Chicago; Critics’ Pick in Artforum.com); and recent group exhibitions at DePaul Art Museum (Chicago), Elmhurst Art Museum (Elmhurst, Illinois), Nicelle Beauchene (New York), Brand New Gallery (Milan), and Rhona Hoffman (Chicago). Her work is in the collection of DePaul Art Museum. She is the author of NOTES ON, a compilation of studio writings (Chicago: The Green Lantern Press, 2016), and teaches painting and drawing at College of DuPage and SAIC. She will have a solo exhibition in January 2018 at Corbett vs. Dempsey.