Mountain I

Collage, 2015

63 x 45,7 cm
$1 250
The birds of memory always become the birds of imagination. They’re colourful singers awaiting a diagnosis summed up by a mockery of chirps. A middle point between coquetry and anxiety, they repeat their song, curl up into a ball, fly out of night. On their way, they greet a stranger who tries to talk to them about love. There’s just not enough time to recognize him. Until they brace again the blooming branches of a tapestry made of ancient minds. Ritt ritt ritt tit tit tit.
Biographical note
Maryse Larivière is an artist, writer, and scholar who reimagines how we engage with the textual, visual, and social through bodily and emotional encounters. Her practice combines art, literature, and theory, taking the form of text, performance, sculpture, and collage. Recent projects include Garden Gossip (Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, 2017), Under the cave of winds (Untitled Art Society, Calgary, 2017), Echoes from the Bosom (DNA Artspace, London, ON, 2017), In Some Far Place (The Rooms, St. John’s, 2017), A pool is water (Galerie Division, Montreal, 2016), Down to Write You This Poem Sat (Oakville Galleries, 2016), Talking Back, Otherwise (Art Museum at the University of Toronto, 2016), Where Wild Flowers Grow (Kunstverein Toronto, 2015), and L.S.D. Your Delusion, My Reality (8Eleven, Toronto, 2015). Her books of poetry include Orgazing (2017), Hummzinger (2016), and Where Wild Flowers Grow (2015). Larivière was the 2016–17 writer in residence at Gallery 44 (Toronto) and has contributed experimental writings to a variety of platforms, including C Magazine, esse arts + opinions, and Organism for Poetic Research.