Blooming Planes

Coloured pencil on sized muslin over panel, 2019

40 x 30 cm
$1 400
Blooming Planes was part of Marlon Kroll’s solo show Thirsty Things at Clint Roenisch in Toronto. Part of a constellation of works situated around a video-sculpture, it presents a scene of hopeless pause, as the eponymous Thirsty Things try to reach the poisoned and barricaded watering well. For this show, Kroll traced the ways in which simple forms can imply more than what they are and the ways they speak to each other and share similarities. As if following a thread through a field. In Blooming Planes, Kroll plays with the form of a mouth, a room, a cabinet, a tongue, and a well, showing how things echo each other, showing difference and common ground.
Biographical note
Marlon Kroll is a German-Canadian artist living and working in Montréal. He proposes that we think of life as a form of drawing, a way to be more deliberate and thoughtful in our daily actions. Using the vernacular of people’s possessions and surroundings, his work is a form of speculative anthropology, tracing the uncanny connections between things and forms and documenting what they say about us. His work is a diary of how things seem to bleed into each other, becoming one amorphous and indistinguishable terror. He hopes that by tracing those echoes and similarities and exposing their patterns, their reverberations might be quieted. He is interested in finding the truth, but also in how it is determined. His work is romantic, but with a serious face. Kroll holds a BFA in ceramics from Concordia University and was chosen for the Darling Foundry’s 2019–22 Montréal Studio Program, with a studio generously sponsored by Ann Birks and Caroline Andrieux. He has had solo exhibitions at Clint Roenisch (Toronto) and Parisian Laundry (Montréal) (2019); his work has been shown at Interstate Projects (Brooklyn), Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran (Montréal), Central Park (Los Angeles), Galerie René Blouin, (Montréal); 8eleven (Toronto), and Soon.tw (Montréal).