Vendu–Sold is an annual contemporary art benefit auction created to ensure that Les éditions Esse, a not-for-profit organization, can continue to successfully promote and disseminate contemporary art and artists on the Canadian and international scenes. Advised by a committee of experts, the auction offers collectors and art lovers the opportunity to acquire high-quality artworks by renowned and emerging Canadian artists while contributing to the development of Les éditions Esse. Part of the proceeds also goes to the participating artists.

For the 2022 edition, Vendu–Sold took place virtually on the website of BYDealers Auction House, from November 10 to 20. An exhibition bringing together the 35 works was also presented simultaneously at Projet Casa (4351 avenue de l'Esplanade, Montréal). The selection committee was made up of Anne Roger, manager of the Giverny Capital collection; Julie Bélisle, cultural officer at the Espace pour la vie museum complex; Manel Benchabane, curator at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery; Mojeanne Behzadi, director of Art Speaks; and Sylvette Babin, director of Les éditions Esse. Reread the word from our honorary presidents, Danielle Lysaught et Paul Hamelin, and the word from the director, Sylvette Babin.

With thirteen successful auctions held to date, Vendu–Sold has become a much-anticipated occasion for collectors and the entire arts community. Les éditions Esse wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all participating artists and galleries for their generous support and collaboration to this event.