Lenticular print mounted on aluminum composite panel, 2020

35 x 61 cm
$3 000
Four years on the road are condensed in this lenticular work of which a larger version was presented at MUTEK and Art Mûr in the Spring. It is part of the Conduite algorithmique corpus, which examines certain issues of artificial intelligence through the theme of autonomous vehicles. The sorting and generation of synthetic images that follow hundreds of hours of videos and data captured with Quévillon’s vehicle are shown through an unstable image at the threshold of abstraction. As viewers move in front of the work, the animation and stereoscopic effect of the lenticular technique enable us to perceive a nebulous, vibrant spectrum of various road scenes that dissolve into each other.
Biographical note
François Quévillon, through his interdisciplinary practice, examines the interactions among environmental problems, social issues, and technological developments. His dispositifs explore the phenomena of the world and of perception by implementing processes sensitive to the variable conditions of the environment and human interference. He works regularly in residencies and has presented his work at international exhibitions and events in the fields of contemporary art, film, and digital creation. Among them are Connecting the Dots (Mexico City), New Frontier at the Sundance Festival (Park City), Sous Observation at the Knockdown Center (New York), International Symposium on Electronic Art (Gwangju, Dubai, and Albuquerque), Open Media Art Fair—Digital Aura (Seoul), Intervals (Nijni Novgorod), Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica (São Paulo), IndieBo (Bogotá), LOOP Barcelona, Contemporary Istanbul, Festival de la Imagen (Manizales), Mirage Festival (Lyon), Show Off Paris, Mois Multi (Québec City), Espace [IM] Média (Sherbrooke), and NeurIPS, FIFA, RIDM, MUTEK, Elektra, and BIAN (Montréal). Different iterations of La Terre en suspens, his most recent solo exhibition, have been presented in Quebec since late 2021.