Chrysalide 67

Pencil on paper, 2007

20 x 25 cm
From a series of 91 “Chrysalides” drawings “Chrysalide” (2004-2009) is a body of work that includes videos, films, drawings, ­paintings, scores, and sound recordings. ­Bernatchez ­nurtures a reflection on the economic ­structures that define our ways of life, their consequent repercussions, and their impact on individuals and societies. These thoughts are rendered in a whimsical consideration of the hegemony of an empire and its eventual decline.
Biographical note
Since 2000, Patrick Bernatchez has developed a multiform artistic practice, characterized by a stylized aesthetic that blends the sublime with the monstrous. Using drawing and painting—which are at the base of his practice—as well as photography, installation and video, Bernatchez is skillfully developing a practice characterized by an impressive dramatic charge. Patrick Bernatchez’s videos have been presented across Europe and in New York City. His work has recently been shown in “The Cabinet,” in Bari, Italy, at Artists Space-The Black Room, New York City, Galerie EXPRMNTL, Toulouse, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto. In June 2009, Bernatchez had a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. A series of events is scheduled in the fall of 2010 in France, Germany and Italy.