Vendu–Sold is an annual contemporary art benefit auction created in 2009 to ensure that Les éditions esse can continue to successfully promote and disseminate contemporary art on the international scene. It offers collectors and art lovers the opportunity to acquire high-quality artworks by renowned and emerging Canadian artists while contributing to the development of Les éditions esse.

The 2014 Vendu–Sold auction, conducted by our auctioneer Patrick Masbourian, offered 44 artworks of exceptional quality chosen by a selection committee comprising the curator of the Hydro-Québec collection and president of Les éditions esse, Anne-Claude Bacon; the director of cultural action at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and vice-president of Les éditions esse, Julie Bélisle; collections manager Caroline Ohrt; independent curator Andréanne Roy; and the director of Les éditions esse, Sylvette Babin.

Reread the word from the our 2014 honorary president, actor Sophie Desmarais, as well as the word from the director, Sylvette Babin.