Hang or Bend Over

Ink on paper, 2005

55 x 76 cm
Hang or Bend Over evokes the social pressure that reduces us to conformism. In this work, the figure bending over is questioning whether he has made the right decision. His doubts, or even regrets, are suggested here by the pale line of feathers that illustrate his psychological dilemma, in which the promise of a comfortable yet shameful life battles with his fear of reprisal, or more specifically his fear of hanging.
Biographical note
Born in 1951, Daniel Erban lives and works in Montreal. Holding a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University (1980), he has explored engraving at Atelier Circulaire and Engramme. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in several international engraving biennales and over 200 group exhibitions. The exhibition Dehuman (2006‑2008) brought him renown throughout Canada. In 2010, he participated in Frontières fluides, an exhibition dedicated to contemporary watercolours, at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain. A CALQ grant holder in 2000 and 2002, Erban presents an instinctive and primitive pictorial universe characterized by strong, precise, and incisive lines. Broaching the themes of violence and sexuality, this deliberately provocative and ugly universe lacks neither irony nor black humour. His works are included in several private and public Canadian and European collections (MNBAQ, BNQ, Canada Art Bank, Edmonton Art Gallery, UNB).