Photo of Sylvette Babin

Bearers of Ideas

For seven years now, we have undertaken the annual challenge of proposing a selection of artists in the hope that their works will make their way into the hands of collectors and art lovers who are as enthusiastic as we are. In fact, more than a simple fundraising campaign, Vendu — Sold also underscores the importance of art collecting and cultural patronage. We are thus constantly renewing our efforts to expand and diversify our audience. Through both this auction and the magazine, we try to be educators and bearers of ideas, intermediaries, and lighters of sparks for a public open to reflection and discovery. One example of this is our partnership with the Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal, through which we hope to contribute to awakening a love of art among young business professionals.

We cannot hide the fact that our fundraising campaign is born of necessity — our need to adequately maintain the activities of an organization that has chosen to work in the relatively precarious domain of art. This year, we also want to confront the challenge of not being snuffed out by the austerity measures that are affecting all sectors. There are too many talents to discover, too many practices and artworks to analyze, promote, and disseminate — a mandate that we have been proudly pursuing for over thirty years — for us to throw in the towel in face of discourses that might tempt us to believe that art and culture are second-class concerns. So, by joining forces with our collaborators and part­ners, as well as the talented artists supporting us again this year, to whom we reiterate our profound gratitude, we will succeed in defying austerity and continue to work on developing art.

Sylvette Babin, director, Les éditions esse

Photo: © Jean-François Brière