A Message from the Director 2018

Sylvette Babin

This year, Vendu–Sold is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Yet should we be “celebrating” an event necessary for the financial survival of our organization? We would prefer not to rely on fundraising campaigns to secure our subsistence, but, given our financial reality, in 2009 esse chose to take this route by creating an event that would also serve to promote artists in the art market. Over the years, we have observed a liberalization of contemporary art’s narrow circle, and now we welcome collectors from more diverse backgrounds. On occasion, Vendu–Sold has also joined forces with like-minded organizations (Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Young Philanthropists’ Circle, SéminArts, le Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec) to collectively pursue the promotion of art collecting.

Yet it’s not the need for funding campaigns that we wish to highlight here. Today, it’s about celebrating the ten Vendu–Sold auctions held to date—above all, the 260 participating artists and the circulation of nearly 400 artworks. It’s also about honouring the numerous experts who collaborate on our initiatives, the impressive number of volunteers, and, of course, the many art enthusiasts who support us. In short, it’s the wealth of talent and generosity of the artists, collaborators, and collectors that we are celebrating today; not to mention the resilience and passion of the cultural professionals who work for the success of Éditions esse, as well as the faith and self-giving that have helped our nonprofit organization to withstand financial uncertainty and advance toward esse magazine’s 35th anniversary.

Sylvette Babin, Director of Éditions esse

Photo : © Jean-François Brière