Photo of Sylvette Babin

In 2021, when we decided to hold our auction virtually, we faced a big dilemma: should we have a live auction on a single evening or an online sale accompanied by an exhibition? It was a heart-rending choice, given the general excitement that previous editions, all live auctions, had created. Today, however, following our experience with an extended exhibition in the magnificent Projet Casa galleries, we know that we made the right decision. Borrowing the words of participating artist Sophie Jodoin, we created a “showcase for the works.” Because our auction also provides an opportunity to highlight artists’ work, having a public exhibition was a strong argument in favour of this new direction. So, we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Projet Casa and ByDealers for the 14th edition of Vendu–Sold.

For our collectors, the auction takes place over ten days. And although we can now place our bids on electronic devices from the comfort of our homes, it’s still a thrilling process, especially when the sale is closed. It’s also important to remember that in addition to supporting Éditions Esse, bidding with an eye to reaching or surpassing the artworks’ reserve price is an important way to both recognize and provide income to artists. After all, art is also a cause to promote!

This year, forty-two artists are joining us and supporting our mission. Our mandate is to get them as much visibility as possible and to find their works a new place to live. So, I invite you to discover and enjoy the lots exhibited, read the texts that describe them in this catalogue or on the auction website, and find out more about the artists by visiting their own websites or those of their galleries. Take the time that’s essential to developing a relationship with a work: it’s another advantage offered by these communication tools and the extended auction period.

Taking part in this fundraising campaign offers Esse magazine indispensable support for pursuing its activities. Last year, we published sections oriented toward taking social and ecological positions. More recently, the themes of family and resilience underlined a desire to explore human relations and empathy, always at the heart of our concerns. In the section on water in our current issue and the theme of agriculture coming next, we engage artists and theoreticians in new ways to think about nature and the environment. Always motivated by a deep commitment to the world in which we live, as well as an unconditional love for art, Esse persists and makes its mark. We thank you with all our hearts for supporting us in this wonderful adventure.

Sylvette Babin

Photo : © Alain Beauchesne